HVAC Duct & Pipe cladding is a malleable and corrosion-resistant metal that is used for cladding purposes. Before installing the cladding sheet, it is necessary to ensure the proper procedure of cladding of ductwork and pipework as per the standards.

  • As per the approved drawings and submittals the duct cladding should be properly cladded, and care shall be taken under experts’ supervision.
  • Cladding shall be firmly fixed on the duct or pipe with necessary safety procedures to ensure smooth working of HVAC systems.


HVAC Duct & Pipe Cladding Advantages
  • Cladding products can offer a wide range of properties that includes resistant to weather, UV rays, chemicals, and mould as well as excellent resistance to water vapour permeability. Cladding sheets are self-adhering, self-healing, and have a long lifespan. HVAC cladding sheets are primarily designed to provide thermal and acoustic comfort. They are energy-efficient and comply with all safety regulations.
  • Cladding of air ducts can create a better outdoor duct system that includes protection of external ducts & exposed piping systems from extreme climate changes.
  • Cladding/Jacketing of pipes either in the heating or cooling process reduces the condensation and improves system performance.
  • Our duct cladding suits all pipe sizes and insulation thicknesses which are fabricated as per the standards & site requirements for all residential sectors.