Insulation work on an AC pipe is critical since it helps to cool the air in your home. They help in keeping heat out from your home. The insulation of the AC pipes ensures that it operates at all times, whether in the summer and in the winter. In the winter months, the dirt and the debris get gather into the AC pipes because of which become the reason behind the damage to the insulation. If the AC pipe’s insulation depletion occurs, then it may reduce the cooling of the air up to 10 degrees directly. Sar Maintenance does the work of insulation maintenance and even AC Pipe Insulation Work which increases the life of the AC. We perform all of this service at a minimal cost.

  • Cooling Gas Insulation
  • Cooling Pipe Insulation
  • Split AC Pipe Insulation
  • Air Conditioning Service
  • Central AC Duct Insulation
  • Air Conditioner Installation
  • Chiller Cooling Pipe Insulation


It’s important to take care of your air conditioning unit so it lasts longer, works better, and helps you keep energy costs down. Are you looking for an insured handyman company who can do AC Pipe Insulation Work? Technia Group knows the importance of the insulation pipes because of this only we use to go with the AC Pipe Insulation Work. We have a professional handyman electrician for AC maintenance work across all over Abu Dhabi. Customer satisfaction is always our top priority.